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Indie films salvage slumping summer box office
Adults, not teens, are flocking to theaters and turning indie films into hits.
Twitter gets chummy with 'Sharknado 2'
Here are some of the funnier reactions from comedians and assorted hilarious-type people:
'Guardians' is a grab bag of action and heart
Steeped in comic book lore, "Guardians" is gleeful fun.
Penelope Cruz clarifies anti-Israel views
After fierce criticism, Penelope Cruz walks back her views in anti-Israel letter.
Who would win the mid-year Oscars?
A number of films from the year's first half could contend for Oscars.
Gyllenhaal pours authenticity into everything
From high tea to serious roles, she's never halfhearted
Bieber taunts Bloom with Instagram photo
This feud is NOT over.
Huh? Robert Pattinson defends Kristen Stewart
You won't get any smack-talk out of R-Patz - he's proven himself to be a class act all the way.
'Sharknado,' Shark Week feed frenzy of tie-ins
Wave of products with TV shark tie-ins range from desserts to dog costumes.
Melanie Griffith puts 'Mel' over 'Antonio' tat
The de-evolution of that ink job continues apace.
No 'Big Bang' until they work out the bucks
Production is delayed on CBS comedy as stars, studio negotiate contracts.
Orlando Bloom takes a swing at Justin Bieber
Duck, Biebs!
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