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'The Imitation Game' wins at Toronto film festival
Who else came out on top at the week-long film festival?
'No Good Deed' energizes the box office
Idris Elba's new thriller takes the top spot.
Gallery: Miss America 2015 contestants
Kidman heads to Australia after her dad's death
Urban cancels Saturday concert to accompany Kidman home after the death of her father.
Stars get trolled when they play pundits
So why do celebrities tweet controversial opinions that can cause serious backlash?
Is Beyonce pregnant? Jay Z drops hint at Paris concert
Could Blue Ivy soon be a big sister?
'OITNB' writer divorces husband, dates 'Poussey'
It's a real-life 'Orange is the New Black' story line from the set.
30 Years of Prince Harry in Pictures
Miss America show misspells Jane Austen
Another oops! moment from Sunday's pageant show.
'Roosevelts': Masterful study of U.S. dynasty
Ken Burns' latest epic historical series is not to be missed.
'Django Unchained' actress says cops detained her for 'showing affection'
Her husband thinks they mistook her for a prostitute.
Awkward: Kanye told a fan in a wheelchair to stand
He really wanted everyone to stand up before he continued his show.
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