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2014 AMAs: Red-carpet looks
Bill Cosby has more to answer to this weekend
New allegations of sexual assault emerged throughout the weekend.
'Scorpion' actors like to play it smart
CBS drama focuses on task force of geniuses under contract with government.
Mtley Cre nears end with final North American show
The band performed to a sold-out crowd in Spokane, Wash.
SNL nails 'Schoolhouse Rock' parody
Remember the song 'I'm Just a Bill'? Say hello to the Executive Order.
Who says a 'Bosses' sequel has to be horrible?
Charlie Day and crew team with newbies Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine in 'Bosses' sequel.
Gale's fails: He can't kiss Katniss in 'Mockingjay'
We counted the instances Gale COULD'VE kissed his love, but it just didn't work out.
Cosby: 'People should fact-check'
Cosby's appearance in Florida drew fans and media, but few protesters.
Let's talk turkeys: Beware year's worst films (so far)
Our picks for the year's worst movies, worth avoiding over the holidays (or any time).
5 ways the 'Mockingjay' book, film differ
The movie was pretty faithful, but there were some big changes.
'Mockingjay' triumphs with $123M, but series slips
The latest 'Hunger Games' opened with $123M, the highest opening weekend of 2014.
Photos: F1 moments with Nicole Scherzinger
Lewis Hamilton, Scherzinger's boyfriend, won his second F1 championship.
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