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'Dawn' simian stars bring out reporter's inner chimp
Andy Serkis and Terry Notary start with the inner ape, then move on to walking and roaring.
Cast, crew make sure 'Extant' is down-to-earth
Star Halle Berry, producer Steven Spielberg and creator Mickey Fisher root the futuristic story in family and emotion.
What's your guilty pleasure? Authors share theirs
Stephanie Evanovich, Sara Jane Stone and Krista Ames are talking guilty pleasures and favorite TV series.
State of Romance: Swimming in romance in Pennsylvania
HEA contributor Kim Lowe explores romances set in The Keystone State.
Filmmakers went ape with 'Dawn' motion-capture
The film required great human performances, high technology and good old-fashioned sweat.
Siriano: Melissa McCarthy is a 'difficult' diva
"Quite frankly, she was quite difficult to work with."
Interview: Ella Frank, author of 'Take'
HEA contributor Jessie Potts talks with Ella Frank about her success with m/m romance and what's next for her.
'Extant' has potential with Halle Berry in orbit
She stars as an astronaut who returns to Earth after more than a year alone in space.
So many, many reasons to love a cowboy
Jaci Burton, Vivian Arend, Carolyn Brown, Lori Wilde, Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon list the many reasons we love cowboys.
Daniel Radcliffe is grown up, and he's Jon Hamm
Daniel Radcliffe is all grown up, and he's become Jon Hamm.
Katie Holmes goes topless in 'Glamour'
Girlfriend is letting loose -- finally!
Not all apes are created equal for 'Dawn'
Filmmakers left key marks so moviegoers could tell the primates apart.
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